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"Keep a stiff upper lip, regardless"

Captain Fawcett a manufacturer and purveyor of simply 'First Class Gentleman's Grooming Requisites'.
The story goes that in 1905 Captain Peabody Fawcett R.N Ret’d, the intrepid and eminent Edwardian explorer, disappeared whilst attempting to navigate to the source of the Ubangi, a major tributary to the Congo River. No trace was ever found of his seemingly doomed expedition... until that is, in 1997, an old battered trunk purchased at a house clearance sale, was taken home and its locks forced. Incredibly, amongst its decaying and mildewed contents was found an exquisite dressing case containing salves, unguents, ointments and the missing adventurers long lost journals. Scattered amongst the many tales of hardship, derring do and wonders seen, where one was expected to “keep a stiff upper lip, regardless”, were found meticulously detailed lists of exotic ingredients for use in the Captain’s very own grooming requisites. These precise formulae have been faithfully followed and Fawcett’s original potions, along with his world renowned Moustache Wax are now available to the discerning gentleman for the first time in over a century.

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The Story Short

Founding farther Richie Finney isn't Captain Fawcett. He's at great pains to stress that. He's the captain's righthand man. If you attend any convention, function, talk or festival and see the name Captain Fawcett, it's unlikely that you'll meet the captain himself, but you're sure to find Finney there, with his magnificently sculpted moustache and brown overall coat.

Whatever the intrepid captain's involvement in the company, it seems to be Finney who carries the bulk of the load. He's an engaging, enthusiastic man with the kind of energetic brain that suggests he would have made a success of whatever he tried.

The particulars of the company's creation are lost in a fog of entertaining myth and legend. What is certain, though, is that it's an extremely fine purveyor of moustache waxes, beard oils, and other related paraphernalia.

All hail the hirsute.

Hairpomades captain fawcett beard balm-beard oil
Hairpomades captain fawcett beard balm-beard oil

Brand New Hair Pomades!

Captain Fawcett has received many requests to augment his renowned Hair Styling range and as such is delighted to present his simply magnificent and entirely new product line of most efficacious  Hair Pomades .
Created with old school panache, the  Captain’s Patent Pomades  will ensure that the discerning gentleman goes about his business with ne’er a hair out of place. Unless of course one prefers a perchance more dishevelled style!
Sculpt all manner of looks from slick and super glossy to tousled and texturised with a no-shine matt finish. Malleable texture, maximum volume, strong control all delivered with a rather sophisticated fragrance of verdant wood and subtle spice with a citrus spike to keep things sharp.
And, may I add,  Captain Fawcett’s Patent Pomades  work really rather well for adding a pert polish to Pin-Up kiss curls. One for the gals! I say!
Presented in handsome, highly collectible and environmentally friendly reusable tins, classically  styled in 4 complementary colours with luxurious gold embellishment. 
Hair Dressing at its very best… no less! 



Captain Fawcett's Masterclass Series


Captain Fawcett's Beard Balms

Using the Captain’s several collabs and scnets we have created a simply splendid Beard Balm, a veritable fusion of 5 base creams and exotic waxes along with Cedarwood, Black Pepper, Patchouli & Palmarosa essential oils. Regular use of his handmade patent pomade will tame, nourish and condition your beard whilst allowing you to shape and style your hirsute pride & joy. 

Comes in all Captain Fawcett's signature scents like his own Private Stock, Booze & Baccy, Barberism, Maharajah, Nebula and Rufus Hound's Triumphant. 

all hail the hirsute.


Hairpomades captain fawcett beard balm-beard oil

Captain Fawcett's 

Barbershop Tools & accessories

These will be sure to please with their high level of design and craftsmanship.

Hairpomades captain fawcett beard balm-beard oil
Hairpomades captain fawcett beard balm-beard oil
Hairpomades captain fawcett beard balm-beard oil
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